COMPANY About Meisei

Company information, history, and organization will be introduced.We aim to be a fair and stable company.


Meisei Correspondence Co., LTD.
Month of Establishment
February 1986
Paid-in Capital
33 million yen
Members of the Board
CEO and Representative Director:Masami Kadomura
COO and Representative Director:Katsuichi Kagi
Director:Hiroyuki Yuki
Independent Directorr:Junya Inoue
Corporate Auditor:Shotaro Abe
Corporate Auditor:Takeshi Arai
Corporate Adviser:Masahiro Sakurai
Number of employees
Head Office
NK Building 301, 4-20-2 Fuda, Chofu City, Tokyo 182-0024, Japan
TEL:042-441-3333(main) FAX:042-441-3390
Construction license
Special construction license
Permit number:Governor of Tokyo permission (special-2) No. 73435
Types of construction industry
Telecommunications engineering and installation, Electrical engineering and installation
Ordinary construction license
Permit number:Governor of Tokyo permission (general-2) No. 73435
Types of construction industry
civil engineering business, jump/civil engineering business, masonry business, steel structure construction business
road pavement business, dredging business, painting business, water supply facility construction business
Registered business
Registered electrical contractor
Notification number:Governor of Tokyo Notification No. 1910913
Type of electrical work
General electric facilities and electric facilities for private use
Registered inspection business operator
Kanto General Communication Bureau
Notification No. 0024
Telecommunications business
Kanto General Communication Bureau
Notification No. A-28-15286
General Worker Dispatch Business
Permit number:General 13-303191
External certifications
Information security management system
Applicable Standard JIS Q 27001:2014(ISO/IEC 27001:2013)
Registration number: JUSE-IR-280
Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Applicable Standard JIS Q 45001:2018(ISO 45001:2018)
Registration number: JUSE-OG-039
Quality Management System
Applicable Standard JIS Q 9001:2015(ISO 9001:2015)
Registration number: JUSE-RA-774
Main Banks
Mizuho Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Resona Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Sastainability Rating
Ecovalis Sastainability Rating : Gold
Certifications from Vendors
SYSTIMAX Design and
SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance(ND3361)
The Network Infrastructure
Cabling Deploy Certification APAC
Belden Network Infrastructure
Certification Program(BNICP)
MSFT Installer Qualification
Copper and Optical Fiber
Communications Cabling Systems
Certified Cabling Test Technician(CCTT)
Major Customers and Trading Partners (Names in random order)
MIRAIT One CorporationMIRAIT Mobile East Co.,ltd.MIRAIT Mobile West Co.,ltd.Kinden CorporationNokia Solutions & Networks GKPSC IncOki Electric Industry Co.,Ltd.FUJITSU NETWORK SOLUTIONS LIMITEDKFconnect LIMITEDRakuten Mobile, Inc.National Technologies(NTI)Starline Holding Technology Ltd.Senneca Holdings(Subzero)Equinix Japan K.K.Equinix Japan Enterprise K.K.Equinix Japan Technology Service K.K.
NTT DATA CorporationTata Communications LtdAggreko Japan K.K.EXEO Group, Inc.KDDI CORPORATIONNTT East Co., Ltd.NTT Communications CorporationNTT Broadband Platform, Inc.NTT Media Supply Co., Ltd.Docomo CS, Inc.C-five Co., Ltd.Baroque Japan Limited Co., Ltd.Safey Co., Ltd.Paramount Bed Co., Ltd.TelWel East Japan CorporationNTT ArtTechnology Corporation
Qualification List
First-Class Technical Radio Operator for On-The-Ground Services
On-The-Ground Ⅰ-Category Special Radio Operator
First-Class Telecommunications Works Execution Managing Engineer
First-Class Electric Works Execution Managing engineer
First-Class Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer
Managing Engineer
First Class Architect
Chief Telecommunications Engineer (transmission switching)
Comprehensive Installation Technician
First-Class Digital Installation Technician
First-Class Analog Installation Technician
First-Class Electricity Installation Technician
Second-Class Electricity Installation Technician
LPIC Level 1
Class A Fire Defense Equipment Officer


sales trend

1st fiscal period

February, 1986
Establishment of Meisei Correspondence Co.,LTD.


5th fiscal period

Digital switching system
First order to install digital switching systems received


10th fiscal period

First order to install mobile communication switching systems received


12th fiscal period

Osaka office opened


15th fiscal period

40% of outstanding Meisei shares acquired by Daimei corp.
Became a consolidated subsidiary of Daimei corp.


17th fiscal period

IT business division established


18th fiscal period

Non-NTT installation/engineering business took off


20th fiscal period

Mobile business division established


21th fiscal period

Started to receive Large-scale IMCS orders


23th fiscal period

Received order to remove PHS facilities


25th fiscal period

Omori Office opened


26th fiscal period

Start of Coordination work for NTT’s High-speed internet access B FLET’S


27th fiscal period

Received order to install Wi-Fi facilities to convenient stores all over Japan
Heiwajima Kitting Center opened


29-30th fiscal period

Change in fiscal year end from end of January to end of March


34th fiscal period

Meisei Hikari (high-speed internet access) service started


36th fiscal period

GB business division established
DC business started to receive orders


ORGANIZATION Organization Chart

Organization Chart
Business Operation Division
  • General Affairs, Accounting & Human Resources Dept.
  • Information System Dept.
  • Safety, Quality & Technical Management Dept.
New Business
Development Division
CI Division
  • Career Construction
  • Infrastructure Construction
NS Division
Network Solution
  • CS(Carrier Solution)
  • Construction
  • Management​
  • Logistics
  • Operation and Maintenance
GB Division
Global Business
  • DC(Data Center)
  • BD(Business Development
Osaka Office
  • ITIP
    (Information Technology&Internet Protocol)
  • Mobile


Head office
NK Building 301, 4-20-2 Fuda, Chofu City, Tokyo
182-0024, Japan
TEL:042-441-3333(代) FAX:042-441-3390
Omori Global Office
U biz Omori 2F, 6-17-17 Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
140-0013, Japan
BD Department GB Division/TEL:03-6845-0527
Omori Office
6-8-17 Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
140-0013, Japan
TEL:03-5767-1811(代) FAX:03-5767-2578
NS Division/TEL:03-6404-6648 FAX:03-6450-0221
Omori Annex Office
Tamura Building 3F, 6-7-5 Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
140-0013, Japan
CI Division/TEL:03-5767-2511 FAX:03-5767-2590
Heiwajima Logistic Center
Tokyo Danchi Center Building C 4F, 3-4-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo
140-0013, Japan
NS Division/TEL:03-5767-2577 FAX:03-3298-2261
Osaka Office
Kidou Building 6F, 4-6-31 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
553-0003, Japan
Mobile Division・ITIP Division/
TEL:06-6442-7450 FAX:06-6442-7451
Inzai Office
1F-B, 2-101-15 Izumino, Inzai, Chiba
270-1360, Japan
DC Department GB Division/TEL:047-636-4934

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