Basic Policy Against Harassment in the Workplace


Harassment in the workplace is socially unacceptable behavior that unfairly offends an individual's dignity, prevents employees from exercising their abilities effectively, interferes with workplace order and business performance, and damages the company's reputation in society. This basic policy is designed to ensure a healthy work environment free from harassment, to deepen the understanding of each and every employee, and to create a work environment in which all employees' human rights are respected and their abilities be fully exercised. This policy is intended to provide a guideline for the prevention of harassment and the appropriate response in the event of harassment. We would also like ask our business partners, including our suppliers, to understand and agree with our policy.

2.Basic Policy

  • (1) The Company shall not tolerate any harassment in the workplace or any conduct that offends personal dignity.
    • ① Harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and nursing care
    • ② Sexual harassment
    • ③ Power harassment
  • (2) To ensure a harassment-free work environment, the Company will continuously implement the following measures.
    • ① The Company shall establish an external Inquiry Counter for Harassment in the workplace, and shall respond to a wide range of consultations/complaints and deal with cases, including those that may or may not constitute harassment.
      • ・Inquiries (including complaints) are handled at the following counter.
        "Anything Consultation Room"
        • -Mr. Katsuhiro Muro, Pity Muro Consulting General Laboratory
        • -Phone: 080-5177-2435
        • -FAX: 04 -7159-2435
        • -E-mail:
      • ・In response to consultations and complaints, the Company shall protect the privacy of those involved (including sensitive personal information such as sexual orientation, gender identity, medical history, infertility treatment) and shall not treat any individual unfavorably because he/she has consulted with the Company or cooperated with the Company in confirming the facts.
      • Upon confirmation of the facts, we will take action toward the victim or the harasser.
        In addition, we will take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence of such harassment.
    • ② We will take a firm stance against harassment in the workplace.
    • ③ We will improve preventive measures and countermeasures reflecting the opinions of each employee.
  • (3) Eligible Persons
    All persons working for the Company regardless of their employment status, including directors, full-time employees, part-time employees, and contract employees. In addition, customers, people working for business partners, and job seekers who wish to join the Company; these harassers are not limited to those in the workplace, but also include those outside the Company and on the Internet.
  • (4) Others
    If an employee engages in harassment, he/she may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the employment regulations.
    • ・The Company will take strict action, including disciplinary action, against the harasser in accordance with the Employment Regulations.

3. Course of Action

All employees, including managers, shall work to create a corporate culture that "does not", "does not allow", and "does not tolerate" harassment and shall not tolerate harassment.
  • (1) Management's Responsibilities
    Management shall establish and communicate the policy.
    Management shall foster interest in and understanding of harassment, pay attention to its own words and actions, and take necessary measures and care, such as internal training, to ensure that employees comply with the policy.
  • (2) Employees' Responsibilities
    All employees of the Company shall foster an interest in and understanding of harassment issues through in-house training and daily communications, and shall pay attention to their own words and actions. Will also cooperate with the employment management measures taken by Management.

October 1, 2021
Representative Director

Masami Kadomura