We will create a database that covers from customer order to delivery and centrally manage the entire process to ensure smooth delivery.

We develop distribution processing services in addition to storage services
  • ◎Development of services that add value to distribution, such as kitting, light processing, refreshment, material procurement, industrial waste processing, and delivery coordination.
  • ◎ In addition to warehouse managers, experienced construction professionals with know-how and solutions are always on site to solve customers' problems.
High Security and Computerization
  • ◎Double gates for entry and exit plus access to the building and constant operation of surveillance cameras
  • ◎High accuracy, efficiency, and traceability through the use of a database system for inventory management.
  • ◎Reduce losses related to information accuracy, time, and cost by coordinating the system with the divisions responsible for ordering, construction coordination, and construction.
Flexibility to meet customer needs
  • ◎Database system built on versatile office software, simple and customizable specifications
  • ◎Supports various patterns of management, such as management by item, management by site, etc.
  • ◎Operation is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and delivery can be made by transport, courier, pickup, or delivery.
  • ◎About 2,100 square meters or 23,000 square feet of storage space. Storage space can be expanded according to customer needs.