CSR CSR at Meisei

Meisei as a corporation has a responsibility to fulfill for the society and for the earth in which we operate. Step by step, we are working steadily to make a contribution in this field.

Meisei's Social Responsibility

CSR is the responsibility of a company to coexist
co-prosper with the society
and the environment that the company
impacts through its activities.
We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities
through our various businesses activities
and are committed to contributing to
the development of a sustainable society.

Meisei's' Key Challenges

Through our various businesses, we focus seven key areas.

  • Telecommunications infrastructure development

    • SDGS 7 エネルギーをみんなにそしてクリーンに
    • SDGS 9 産業と技術革新の基礎をつくろう
    • SDGS 11 住み続けられるまちづくりを
    • SDGS 12 つくる責任 使う責任
  • Technological innovation with overseas partners

    • SDGS 7 エネルギーをみんなにそしてクリーンに
    • SDGS 9 産業と技術革新の基礎をつくろう
    • SDGS 12 つくる責任 使う責任
    • SDGS 17 パートナーシップで目標を達成しよう
  • Protection of living organisms and the environment

    • SDGS 13 気候変動に具体的な対策を
    • SDGS 14 海の豊かさを守ろう
    • SDGS 15 陸の豊かさを守ろう
  • Support for agriculture, forestry, and livestock industries

    • SDGS 2 飢餓をゼロに
    • SDGS 9 産業と技術革新の基礎をつくろう
  • Support for the medical settings

    • SDGS 3 すべての人に健康と福祉を
    • SDGS 11 住み続けられるまちづくりを
  • Human resource development and work system reform

    • SDGS 4 質の高い教育をみんなに
    • SDGS 8 働きがいも経済成長も
  • Educational support

    • SDGS 4 質の高い教育をみんなに
    • SDGS 10 人や国の平等をなくそう

SDGs │ What are the SDGs?

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) are international goals for a better society adopted at the UN Summit in 2015. There are 17 goals and 169 targets. The SDGs set global priorities for sustainable development, which companies are expected to address through their management practices.

Examples of Meisei’s Initiatives

Support for medical settings

Support for medical settings

Corona pandemic puts a squeeze on the operations atInterpark Kuramochi Clinic, Lungs, Breathing and Allergy (Director: Hitoshi Kuramochi). As part of our contribution to the society, we installed Wi-Fi and surveillance cameras, IVR telephone equipment, and temporary tents in the Corona Ward of this clinic. At the same time, we support doctors, nurses, and clerical staff to "see as many patients as possible" by providing systemization and manpower for corona-compatible medical administration.

Ecology Tours for Children

Ecology Tours for Children

Eco-Cafe is a general incorporated association dedicated to the protection of endangered wildlife and the preservation of ecosystems in danger. We organize Ecology tours for children and other events for environmental conservation. As a board member of the Eco-Cafe, a general incorporated association, Meisei has been working steadily to donate a portion of the proceeds from the in-house vending machines.

Endangered Species Conservation Activities

Endangered Species
Conservation Activities

As part of the Eco-Cafe's activities, we are working to protect endangered species such as the Amami Oshima coxsack parrot, the Ogasawara green turtle, and the Madagascar hawksbill turtle (Horseshoe turtle). Green turtle conservation efforts include bringing children together to explain the process and challenges of spawning, and helping to transplant the eggs into hatch boxes to ensure their safe hatching. It leads to children's learning and healthy growth, and also to global environmental conservation activities. This is an initiative that we hope to continue for a long time.

Cattle Fall Alert System

Cattle Fall Alert System

Safety management system for Wagyu cattle spending time in the barn. If a fattened cow falls over, it will have difficulty getting up on its own and will need support, so a system is in place to alert the person in charge in the event of a fall. It can contribute to improving the working conditions of producers while protecting the safety of cattle. Meisei has installed the telecommunication systems.


IoT Support for Agriculture

The IoT enables "visualization" of the field conditions and crops, 24-hour monitoring of environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, and alerts when abnormalities are detected. Remote control by camera makes it possible to monitor fields and crops via the internet even from remote locations to provide appropriate guidance of key points for handling, and can also contribute to reducing the burden of working conditions on producers as well as to preventing crimes. Meisei has been in charge of installation and construction of the telecommunication systems here.