02.Global Business


Japan's business environment is attractive because of its "market size," "medium- to long-term growth potential," "social and economic stability," and "excellent infrastructure" compared to the other countries.
Considering this business environment, multinational companies which have offices in Japan have a strong desire to strengthen and expand their business in Japan. Meisei Correspondence CO., Ltd. will contribute to the startup and expansion of business in the Japanese market by providing a variety of services in data centers and offices to many multinational companies that have high expectations for the Japanese market.

  • ■NW design, installation, and cabling work for Wi-Fi, IoT, LAN/WAN, etc.
  • ■Procurement, installation, removal and relocation of servers, storage devices, routers, switches, etc.
  • ■NW monitoring, maintenance and inspection services
Collaboration with Lantrovision
  • ◎With our presence in Japan and presence of Lantrovision (a MIRAIT ONE Company) in APAC region (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Taiwan), we are able to meet the IT and telecommunications needs of many customers, including multinational companies.
Certifications of various Cable Vendors
  • ◎We have certifications of various cable vendors include CommScope, Corning, Panduit, Siemon, Belden, AFL, and Leviton.
    We can offer performance warranties from major cable vendors such as CommScope, Panduit.
Facilitation of communication
  • ◎We allocate English-speaking staff for both sales and engineering to facilitate communication with our customers.