01.Data Center Facilities
Installation Business


In recent years, a number of large-scale data centers, known as hyperscale data centers, have been constructed in Japan. Hyperscale data centers are ultra-large-scale data centers that are constructed on the premise of leasing them to global cloud service providers.
In response to the growing demand for hyperscale data centers, Meisei Correspondence CO., Ltd. is collaborating with major data center operators in Japan and overseas to build data hall facilities in hyperscale data centers in the Kanto and Kansai areas that meet the specifications of global operators.
In addition, in order to promptly respond to various requests from global operators, we are utilizing our own strengths in construction experience and technology in telecommunications infrastructure construction to keep the schedule and emphasize high quality by assigning qualified personnel to respond to such requests.

Installation of Power Supply Facilities in data halls
  • ◎We can perform simple design, procurement, installation, testing, and maintenance of electrical equipment layouts.
Provision of Isle Containment Facilities
  • ◎We separate the passage of hot and cold air in the data center to maintain appropriate temperatures and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
Provision of Communication Facilities
  • ◎We provide fiber optic cabling, UTP cabling, FLUKE testing, rack installation, and overhead support. We are certified by each manufacturer.
Support for Security Equipment Installation and GPS Equipment Installation