01. Inside plant infrastructure business


Fixed-line network is a basic infrastructure that provide indispensable services that form the foundation on which society, the economy, and people's lives depend. It is fair to say that building the telecommunications infrastructure has been the core business of our company and has made us what we are today. The telecommunications infrastructure is needed to make an emergency call to the fire or police departments, as well as to connect us with foreign countries. Therefore, it is an infrastructure that must never be disrupted. In addition, telecommunications are indispensable for social life as companies use various cloud facilities these days. As telecommunication capacity continues to grow and transmission speeds continue to increase, it is necessary for society as a whole to increase productivity and facilitate the smooth transmission of information and communication. We will play a part in this process, maintaining safety and quality and contributing to everyone in the society.

Corresponding with high quality
according to specifications

Our experienced team performs installation and testing in accordance with the specifications of telecommunication carriers with the same quality and in compliance with safety standards. We also perform nationwide area management and coordination on behalf of telecommunications carriers.

  • Telecommunications equipment construction

  • Network equipment construction

  • Power supply equipment construction

  • Various incidental tests

  • Preparation of completion documents