Starline Authorized Reseller &
Certified Partner

Numerous wires and cables are installed in the data center premises. The installation and design of wiring that saves space and minimizes loss while consolidating a large number of wires is very important, also when considering future operations of the system. STARLINE is an American manufacturer that develops high-quality power supply systems and is a major brand used worldwide. We provide total support from product procurement to installation work, testing (Load Bank Test), and maintenance.

Efficiency Improvement & Cost Reduction
  • ◎Low-loss cabling design reduces installation work and costs.
  • ◎Additional TOUs (tap-off units) can be added without stopping the power supply to the busway system in case of future expansion.
Wide Range of Selectivity
  • ◎The system can be installed in a variety of facilities, including data centers.
  • ◎Customization of length, configuration, color or any other features is possible according to customer needs.
Environmental Considerations
  • ◎Fewer parts for equipment installation work. Some parts can be reused, thus reducing waste materials.