Based on our advanced technological capabilities, we intend to be a Major Player and Contributor in the IT / information and communication engineering sector

MIRAIT Holdings Corporation

ICT Solution

Business concept

Providing optimized services to our customers

We provide high-quality services at reasonable prices to meet all the needs related to construction / introduction / operation / maintenance of ICT infrastructure.

We will contribute to more wide use of and effective utilization of ICT infrastructure by meeting/solving "expectations", "dissatisfaction" and "burdens" on customers' ICT infrastructure, and through optimized introduction support / procurement.

Business content

Based on the technologies and quality obtained through the ICT engineering works for NTT Group companies, we can provide telecommunication networks solutions as well as any peripheral system solutions related to the networks.

Aiming to see smiles from our customers, we will provide total consulting, construction and system integration solutions with advanced technologies to add new values to our customers.

Nationwide support
Equipment engineering/construction / support / maintenance
  • ICT
    • Network system
    • Voice system
    • Wi-Fi system
    • Surveillance camera system
    • Disaster prevention system
    • Entry / exit management system
    • POS system
  • EMS
    • Solar system
    • EV charging system
    • Visualization system
    • Storage battery system
    • LED system
  • O&M
    • Opening control center
    • Business consulting
    • Kitting center
    • Line introduction support
    • Operation and maintenace scheme
    • Network engineer dispatch, business support

System integration business

By smartly combining various information obtained from broadband network, we will propose solutions for information sharing, productivity improvement and to add values as your partner.

Tenant communication line arrangement centralized reception desk

Arrangements and procedures can be organized at the central reception desk, reducing the time, effort and organizing error by the tenants

Opening control center

In accordance with the rules of the customer, the line operator, and the installation/construction company, we will centrally project management including progress management and procurement management.