VOICE Employees' Voices

We want workplaces to be comfortable because we spend 1/3 of our time a day there. We want to provide support for the fulfillment of each and every one of our employees' lives. We have collected real voices of our employees through questionnaires and interviews.

episode 01

Original uniform making!
In-house sports circle,
working steadily.

Displayed in the president's office is Meisei's original Indoor 5-man football team uniform. Meisei soccer enthusiasts get together for this activity. We also have various other circles such as golf. Most of our circle activities are fun-oriented, and therefore even beginners are welcome! Please feel free to join us.

episode 02

A company where each and every employee can play an active role for a long time.

It would be a waste to have a retirement age of 62," says President Kadomura. We are creating an environment where people can continue to work regardless of age. One third of the time in a day is spent at work, and work accounts for a very large percentage of our lives. That is why we want to be a company that can provide strong support for each individual's life.

episode 03

Potential of the industry still expanding. A business that continues to be exciting.

Another unique feature of Meisei is that many of our employees have been with the company for more than 20 years. Many of our employees say, "Even though I have been with the company for 25 years, I can still feel the potential for evolution.
What can we do for our customers and society? Doing a decent and good job leads to the creation of new jobs and businesses.

episode 04

Choice of three trip destinations.
Flexible company trip.

Company trips and events such as cherry blossom viewing are also very popular.
To allow each employee to enjoy the trip according to his/her own schedule, there are three types of company trips to choose from: a grueling 3-day/2-night trip, a quick 2-day/1-night trip, and a day trip to a nearby place. Some are enthusiastic and excited, saying, "I'm going to enjoy myself in Hokkaido this year!" while others say, "I'm raising my kids, so I'll take a day trip to a nearby hot spring and relax".

episode 05

Heat up on the big screen display.
Large-scale game tournaments are held in the company.

One of the interesting aspects of Meisei is that there are a surprisingly large number of people who like to play games. Members who like such games get together and hold a large game tournament. We have been playing a variety of games.

episode 06

Congratulations! Thank you!
A corporate culture that likes to give awards.

Long-service awards for employees who have been with the company for 20 years or more. President's commendation for each team's success. Awards within the division, where the division manager honors individuals and teams. The corporate culture of mutual admiration for each other's good performance overlaps with sportsmanship.

episode 07

New services and new business
Welcome those who want to start up a new business.

Some of the services provided by Meisei Correspondence began as small ideas from our employees.
If you have an idea for a new service or business, we will do our best to support it.


member 01

Mr. S

Reason for joining the company

Joined the company in 2018. I wanted to work here because there were people I respected.

Atmosphere of the workplace

Each division has its own color, but I think all of them have relatively cheerful work atmosphere.

What I would like to challenge in the future

I would like to work in a job where I can learn problem-solving skills. I would like to be involved in making business plans.

Message to prospective applicants

If you tackle your work with a sense of responsibility, there will always be people who are watching and evaluating you.
You will be highly evaluated. I think we are in a fair and equitable workplace.

member 02

Mr. A

Reason for joining the company

Joined the company in 2008. I was from the beginning interested in the telecommunications industry, so I was curious about the company.

Atmosphere of the workplace

The workplace is bright and lively, has a great atmosphere with excellent staff.

Job satisfaction

I find it rewarding when people feel happy when they find that their smartphones can be used much more smoothly at the sites I have been involved in. I would like to be involved in a wide range of work in various divisions.

Message to prospective applicants

I have been with the company for more than 10 years with no prior experience, and I am very comfortable working here. It is a company where people who think for themselves and work proactively can enjoy working.

member 03

Ms. H

Reason for joining the company

Joined the company in 1997. Because of the future potential of the industry.

Atmosphere at work

The atmosphere is one that respects the freedom of each individual.

Job satisfaction

I can contribute to society by being involved in social infrastructure.

Message to prospective applicants

Twenty-five years after joining the company, still continue to see the future of the industry.

member 04

Mr. Y

Reason for joining the company

Joined the company in 2017. My gut instinct told me this was the place!

Atmosphere of the workplace

Since we go to different sites to work, the feeling of meeting in the corpotate office once in a while is similar to the feeling you get when you go back to your parents' house once in a while. It's like brothers and sisters meeting for the first time in a while (laughs).

Job satisfaction

The feeling of growth. I can feel that I am getting paycheck with my skills as I am in a technical position.

What I would like to challenge in the future

I want to become a manager and improve the company. I want to make the company a place where not only employees but also their families can appreciate the company.

member 05

Mr. K

Reason for joining the company

Joined the company in 2006. When I was a student, my homeroom teacher recommended me to join the company.

Atmosphere at work

Many people are friendly and there is a teamwork spirit of having and taking care of each other.

Job satisfaction

When I see my customers happy, I feel proud of my hard work.

What I would like to challenge in the future

I want to develop my own new projects.

member 06

Ms. N

Reason for joining the company

I am a new employee in my first year with the company. I was first introduced to the company by a temp agency.

Job satisfaction

When a project I was involved in is successfully completed, and when the knowledge I have learned up to that point comes in handy.

What I would like to challenge in the future

Obtaining a First-Class Technical Radio Operator for On-The-Ground Services Qualification.

Message to prospective applicants

Your hard work will be recognized and appreciated. If you work hard, they will evaluate your effort as much as you do.

member 07

Mr. T

Reason for joining the company

Joined the company in 2000. I chose installation work because I like tinkering with machines.

Job satisfaction

I am under a lot of pressure because it is a world where scoring 100 points is a given, but I am extraordinarily happy when things go well.

What I would like to challenge in the future

I want to work hard to maintain and develop new business divisions.

Message to prospective applicants

We usually work as a team, so I think it is important to have a team spirit.