MESSAGE Recruitment Message

It is a fun job to create the future. It is even more fun when you can grow.

A job that supports
telecommunications infrastructure.
It may not be a prominent job.
It may not be the kind of job
that elementary school children dream of.

But without the communications
infrastructure that supports our society,
we would not be able to send messages to
our friends or search for a place to go.
We can' t call 119 when we get sick nor
in case of fire
without telecommunications.
Factories, businesses, and even schools
will not work well without telecommunications.

To support this reality.
To support social implementation
in line with the speed of technological innovation.
For a society where anyone can
connect at any time.
We face our work every day.

The pressure is big because of the type
of business that requires reliable work.
We have to update our skills
and knowledge on a daily basis.
Still, when you hit a wall,
you feel like it's a chance to grow!
and when you make someone happy,
it makes you want to work even harder.
You seem to be a good match.
Why don't you join us?