JOB Introduction of our business operations

The business grows and the company grows because each and every site of our company does a good job. The following are examples of our operations.


New Service Development

We develop new products and serviced that meet customer needs.

Business Development

We listen to the voice of our customers and make our proposals to increase the value of our customers and users.


Explore market trends and strengthen sales capabilities based on research results.

Sales Strategy

Build up sales targets based on market trends to increase sales and customer base.

02 install

Installation work

We will install and build as per design while maintaining safety, quality, and delivery timelines.


Carry our construction forecasting and conduct an assessment of the site conditions.


Based on client requirements, we design taking into consideration of the pre- and post-survey environment.


Pre-operational testing is carried out to ensure that the structure can be operated without any problems.

Procurement of Goods

Preparation of materials and ancillary items for installation work to be delivered on time.


Smooth negotiation with target customers according to requirements.


Configure and process goods and deliver on schedule.


Management and Coordination

Facilitate and coordinate on-site scheduling and advance preparation for customers, witnesses, users, etc.

Risk Management

We try to reduce risk by taking into account construction goals, processes, and project scheduling.


Contract-related scrutiny and document verification, and legal confirmation of terms and conditions of service, etc.

Safety and Quality Control

We provide guidance to improve safety and quality on site, with the goal of achieving zero accidents and injuries.

Maintenance Engineer

Respond quickly to failures as well as to support smooth daily operation.


Finance/Business Management

We provide financial planning, budgeting, accounting, and other financial services to monitor financial conditions and corporate operations.

Human Resources/Recruiting

Acquire new employees by approaching potential candidates and presenting them with recruitment information.

General Affairs/Accounting

Handles company-wide financial processing, transfers, deposits, and document management.

Information Systems

Propose and introduce necessary systems according to the situation. Also operate and maintain the system environment.