Based on our advanced technological capabilities, we intend to be a Major Player and Contributor in the IT / information and communication engineering sector

MIRAIT Holdings Corporation

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Message from CEO

As a member of Mirait Group companies, Meisei Correspondence Co.,LTD. has been involved in the engineering/construction of telecommunication infrastructure for many years.

In addition, the environment surrounding us is evolving day by day due to advances and changes in communication technology.

As a Comprehensive engineering & service company, we handle everything from telecommunuication infrastructure business to consulting business related to communication to our customers on such systems as LAN / networks including engineering/construction works and installation / setting of Wi-Fi / PC. We will do our utmost to become a company that contributes to the development of sound society, working together with our parent company, Mirait Co., Ltd., and we ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Masami Kadomura

CEO and Representative Director

Masami Kadomura