Based on our advanced technological capabilities, we intend to be a Major Player and Contributor in the IT / information and communication engineering sector

MIRAIT Holdings Corporation

Mobile solution

Business concept

Aiming for a comprehensive mobile engineering company, we support our customers from sales to maintenance

With the rapid penetration of smartphones to the general public, mobile communication carriers are introducing high-speed mobile network technologies such as LTE and/or MIMO, and the distribution of traffic capacity.

In the area of mobile base station engineering/construction, we support our customers in various fields such as land acquisition/leasing , design work, consulting work and installation work.

In the area of inside-plant engineering/construction, there is a need for mobile communication in spaces where radio waves are shielded, such as in subway tunnels and basement of buildings. Since mobile communication is vital in the event of accident or disaster, measures to eliminate no-radio-signal areas has been taken.

Aiming to become a comprehensive mobile engineering company, we support our customers' businesses not only in construction work but also in sales activities, testing, and maintenance work in order to meet all customer needs.

Main business

  • Base station site negotiation / design / consulting
  • Construction / area maintenance
  • Negotiations
  • Radio wave survey / design / consulting
  • Construction / testing

Work flow

  • Negotiations / contracts for introduction
  • Arrangement of requested areas
BS site survey
  • Radio wave survey of the requested area
  • Area molding for introduction
  • Confirmation of base station installation and route
  • Coordination with a building-owner's designated outsourcer
  • Construction design
  • Procurement of goods, delivery adjustment, construction coordination with customers, building management companies and building-owner's designated outsourcers
  • All works related to completion
  • Main and ancillary test
  • Ancillary tests for RFS or for system switching